Honda Motra CT50 £1600

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Honda Motra CT50 £1600

Post by Biscuits5 » Sun Apr 07, 2019 8:01 am

Hey all, unfortunately my Motra CT50 isn't getting as much use as I'd like so it's rather reluctantly for sale.

I bought this 3 years ago from a vehicle importer for £1,500 on a whim - completely original, didn't start and never before registered in the UK with only the NOVA document. I've since gone through the rather painful and expensive process to have this completely legally registered with the DVLA, who issued a brand new V5 (not on Q-plates!). Also included it a certificate of dating from the Honda Owners Club. The number plate is therefore an age appropriate one.

I then went through every part of this whilst keeping everything as original as possible, including the paintwork. Judging by the state of the brake drums, the mileage (well, kilometre-age) is genuine.

The following parts were replaced with original Honda ones where possible (probably a few more I've forgotten too!)
Wheels and bearings; original steel ones were rusted way beyond repair, so I replaced them with aftermarket aluminium ones sourced from Japan. The front is silver and the rear is black, I didn't get round to painting them!
Headstock bearings
Seat cover
Rear sprocket
Engine parts - all gearbox and crank bearings, piston rings, all gaskets, valves lapped and seats cut, valve stem seals, valves, cam chain, camshaft bearings, all oil seals
Brake shoes
Front rack shot blasted, primed and painted
Cush drive rubbers
Clutch friction plates
Ignition switch, as the original literally fell apart. I still have the original key which fits the seat and steering lock.

I did about 1000km like this before I realised that I'd quite like a little bit more speed. The original engine was swapped for a brand new Lifan 110cc 4 speed semi-auto - the only modification made was fitting 12v bulbs, indicator relay, CDI box, regulator and a 12v battery, and a wire jumper in the engine harness. It's completely reversible, and the original engine/electrics/exhaust/throttle grip has been dry stored and will be included in the sale. Before removing it, it ran beautifully and I used the bike almost daily to get to work.

The Lifan has a CNC aluminium sprocket offset outrigger installed, which allows fitment of standard Honda Cub sprockets. However, the outboard bearing tends to wear quickly but this is a cheap item. I replaced the original exhaust with a welded steel one and an aftermarket straight through silencer. It's probably a little too loud to be honest!

The Lifan has around 800km on it but I then changed jobs and needed to get a bigger bike to tackle the A3 dual carriageway safely! Sadly I haven't had the time to use this little beast, and it failed its last MOT on the indicators not working so it's been SORN'd round the side of my house.

Parts such as brakes, light bulbs, indicators, speedo cable etc are the same as the C90/CT90 and all similar Honda bikes. They're widely available from ebay or one of the Japanese spares importers like David Silver.

Now for the bad bits...
Rear rack is fairly badly corroded and could do with being rebuilt. One bit is bent from me overtightening a ratchet strap.
Battery no longer holds a charge (so indicators/brake light don't work at idle). It's a 12v 2ah thing which is widely available.
Carb could do with a clean. It's been stored round the side of my house under a cover for around 6 months so it starts nicely but needs longer than it used to to warm up.
Rear mudguard has some cracks in it from age. It still holds together though.
Original exhaust is broken where the pipe meets the silencer
Current exhaust has surface rust
Front fork seals are seeping a bit
Rear shocks don't seem to do much. Springs have surface rust.

This does need a bit of work to get it MOT'd again, but it's worth it. Really fun and practical bike to ride, weighs nothing and you'll putter around knowing no one will have the same bike as you. Despite its size it's very well balanced and handles surprisingly well. The original engine runs perfectly, and the current Lifan starts but will need a bit of work to run smoothly again.

To further clarify, included in the sale is the following:
Honda CT50 bike with LIfan 110cc engine fitted
Original engine and carb
Original indicator relay, CDI box and regulator
Original exhaust
Original gear lever and throttle grip
Original airbox
Box of assorted new parts - sprocket, gaskets and other bits.
V5 document

I can deliver within 20 miles of Wimbledon for a small charge or a bottle of whiskey. Further than that and you will need to arrange collection - I can help load it into a van, two people can easily lift it. I'd really like to see this go to a good home where it'll be fixed up and used.

Viewing is recommended and I'm happy to send any additional pictures or info if you want.

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Re: Honda Motra CT50 £1600

Post by Dight » Sat Jun 01, 2019 10:12 am


Is the Motra still for sale?


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Re: Honda Motra CT50 £1600

Post by AlexisAntoniou » Sun Sep 01, 2019 4:15 pm

Hi Buscuits5,

Are you still selling this bike?


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Re: Honda Motra CT50 £1600

Post by Michael_Motra » Thu Jan 13, 2022 4:29 pm

Please contact me, I would LOVE to buy your motorbike. 07960572187

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Re: Honda Motra CT50 £1600

Post by wightegi » Thu Jan 13, 2022 4:38 pm

Michael_Motra wrote:
Thu Jan 13, 2022 4:29 pm
Please contact me, I would LOVE to buy your motorbike. 07960572187
The sale add was the one and only post by him in April 2019 .

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