Grom woes

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Earnest Thrasher
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Grom woes

Post by Earnest Thrasher » Tue Jun 11, 2024 10:29 am

Been a while since I posted.

My Grom is now just passed its 3rd birthday and has layen dormant for the past 2+ years. Mainly due to continual "reliability" issues, which could have been easily resolved by a competent and diligent main dealer. Unfortunately the one I chose was neither, and as they no longer exist, good riddance to them. At the time it's first MOT was due, I decided to get it running again and sell it, putting the whole experience behind me and move on. So, with the help of a friend, between us we worked from front to back and corrected all the issues that should have been picked up by any responsible technician carrying out the initial PDI, things like throttle cables being routed incorrectly causing that throttle to jam on full left lock and other such things/wiring not secured/loose. The end result being a bike that now runs properly. Bearing in mind the bike had barely covered 1000 miles during this first year period, it has now done about the same in 2 months without issue. One other highly noticeable thing about the bike was excessive mechanical chain noise. Now I've read elsewhere that the OEM chain is "rubbish" so that got replaced with something of quality, the result ? Silence, but even more remarkable, previous to this, the bike would run at an indicated 62 mph in forth gear, and struggle to make 58 in top (fifth), now it will run to the rev limiter in top, and will manage 65 cruising speed excluding headwinds , so whatever cr@p the original chain was, it was sapping power, and no, it wasn't a tension problem. The last time the bike was taken away, I was assured it was being taken to another Honda authorised dealer to be repaired, it wasn't. From what I've managed to put together it went back to the original and had the throttle body/tps replaced by one taken from a new stock showroom bike. The end result of my ramblings is that as I now have a bike that is finally behaving the way it should have done from day one, and a local independent that can keep any electronic gremlins at bay, I'm going to keep it. Plus getting a full set of sensors, ECU, TPS etc off eBay from a breaker for not much money as a bit of "insurance" helps as well.

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Re: Grom woes

Post by cozi70 » Tue Jun 11, 2024 3:25 pm

Great we bike.
Had a 2013 model for 8 years,and my son still has a 2016 bike.
I've changed to a monkey as I can borrow his now😉

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Re: Grom woes

Post by horobags » Tue Jun 11, 2024 5:51 pm

great 'end result', I had an early Grom, great bikes and lots of fun, glad your confidence has been restored in it.

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