Honda dax 1974 wiring after engine swap

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Honda dax 1974 wiring after engine swap

Post by Lenny3235 » Wed Feb 07, 2024 10:36 pm

Hi after some advice I've change the engine in my dax from 70 6v to 140 12 v it's all up and running I've got lights that just run off the engine the problem I've got is I wanna get rid off the kill swith and wire it to the ignition switch any one no how its done

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Re: Honda dax 1974 wiring after engine swap

Post by roadster » Thu Feb 08, 2024 10:13 am

According to the Clymer wiring diagram the kill switch is in series with the ignition coil feed on the standard bikes. So the ignition switch connects all DC circuits and the kill switch would disconnect the coil but leave all other circuits live. Without knowing how your replacement engine provides ignition it is impossible to say how it should be wired but if the lighting is independent the ignition is probably direct from alternator so the standard wiring to the kill switch should probably be changed because it is now effectively on the lighting circuit ( may be !!).

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Re: Honda dax 1974 wiring after engine swap

Post by loadedtoad » Thu Feb 08, 2024 5:18 pm

Assuming the replacement is a CDI engine there will be a wire coming out the CDI usually Black with a White tracer if it's copying Honda's colours.
This has to go to ground to kill the engine.
As Roadster has mentioned the ignition switch has has Two circuits One to switch power from battery to the system.
The other to short the CDI or conventional coil to Ground.
Simply send the Black /White wire from the CDI to the Ignition switch connection that used to short out the coil if that makes sense.
Happen to have a 1977 DAX in the workshop the kill wire is Black which is a bit odd as Honda usually use that for a power wire but the loom and switch looks original.

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