Trade GS500E parts for C50 and 12v C90 parts

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Trade GS500E parts for C50 and 12v C90 parts

Post by Cerberus73 » Fri May 22, 2020 10:36 pm

I have a load of good condition Suzuki GS500E parts (89-99) parts i am willing to trade for parts for my new C50 LAC project.

I have a brand new unused, still in box belly pan kit in black, rear hugger (no damage but could use some satin black paint) front mudguard, GSX throttle slide (faster response than the stock) both sets of handlebar controls in very good condition, ECU, Reg/Rec, both coils, rear brake light unit. clocks lower cover, rentec rear carrier in good order but need a paint. I also have Screens available for both he style of fairings fitted by a company called TCP here in the UK both for the Mk1 and Mk2 fairings.

I am looking for parts to fit a 1983 C50 LAC with the round headlamp. specifically engine parts, side-covers, a rear swing-arm i believe its the short shock type, seat and basically anything else you might have. I don't get the bike until next week, and I've a feeling its gonna need a LOT. Drop me a PM with anything you might have, I'm willing to barter about, cash either ways depending whats on offer, or a straight exchange covering the post.

I am also looking for a Cylinder head for a standard C90 Square lamp. roller bearing cam. must be genuine Honda don't care if it needs a rebuild as long as the exhaust studs are ok. also need a 12v C90 Crank, again as long as its ok and hasn't got knackered mushroomed threads for the mag or clutch side. and can be rebuilt. and any other C90 engine bits, kickstart mech, primary gear, and gear selector mech (i have 3 gearboxes)

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