I've forgotten my username...

Help for joining difficulties.
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I've forgotten my username...

Post by Newtsalad » Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:15 pm

Can be tricky this one. IF you have made a post anytime on the board, I can search your email address and it will show the user associated with that address.

If you have never posted, or activated your account, then it gets tricky. It means a manual search, quite laborious, through hundreds of accounts, searching through each account.

It will help if you have an inkling of what it may have been. It helps looking through hundreds of names if we have a rough idea of the name/ sort of name we're looking for.

An example might be Newt. Newtsalad, Mr Salad, Newt90, Newtsalad6969, saladWGAF, ANYTHING, that narrows the search down.

Secondly, WHEN you registered will help find your account. CHeck your email for an old confirmation email. If we have a rough idea or even an exact date, we can find and administer an account easily.

We can then advise you of your username, and reset your password if necessary.

You will then be emailed the details, outside of the PhPBB system, so you WILL receive it.


email newtsalad at gmail.com