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Re: 2006 cg125es

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 12:25 am
by kayz1
I think i have a carb or two in the shed, i will look in the morning, not sure what years thou.
Edit: i do know one was a Brazil made model..

Re: 2006 cg125es

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 3:17 pm
by ally
when refitting the needle jet yesterday it appeared to seat further in than I remember the last time, I think this could be the bulk of the problem

the bike is running cooler, not a plug chop but plug condition is a very clean light tan, I just used 1.5 turns out on the pilot so need I'll get the colourtune on it, rolling off the throttle I get a small 'skip' so the pilot may need the adjustment

top speed is still poor, sits at 55 ok but not much more, I was hoping for 55 as a solid cruise speed for the motorway

I've noticed a light ticking from I think the right side of the engine, will double check the valve clearances in case I buggered that up, I may have the exhaust off and replace the manifold seal just by way of precaution

thanks for the offer of a carb, I may take you up on that

the bike is very much better than it was, I suspected old fuel originally hence the ultrasonic but it's very very clean now!

does anybody have experience with the 'air suction valve', I understand it's used to 'afterburn' the exhaust gases, I'm not up to speed on theory of operation but could this cause running issues

appreciate the help


Re: 2006 cg125es

Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 9:36 am
by ally
I took the bike to a local repairer who test rode the bike and said it was 'normal' for the marque

the bike is not overheating. up to 45-50mph the bike rides ok, just gets very wheezy trying to coax more speed above that

I have since replaced the manifold and carb o-rings, snipped the end of the HT lead, checked the fuel tap filter (clean) and yesterday upped the main jet +3 to a 95

top speed has increased and will maintain 60 ish to a pretty steady fashion, speed drops on the slightest of hills but at least it's more motorway speed

a plug pull showed a nice (rich tea) biscuit brown BUT I'm now getting more drop outs, full wide open throttle it feels like it's running out of float bowl fuel, it was dip for a moment then come back on, however, easing off the throttle gently can cause multiple drops and surges

suspect an air leak somewhere but have been unable to track down it's source carb side so could this be the PAIR air thingy?