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Re: innova backfire

Post by 1chris1 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 10:47 pm

thanks for the info dmw1950.
when i got the bike it had been standing for several months. when riding it was very jerky, i had the carb cleaned at my local shop.
bike seemed better but was running rich and had backfire on deceleration and mpg was poor.
i have never been into how bikes work, i just like to ride, i can do oil change,filter,plugs and air filter and that's about it.
decided to do some research why i had a backfire on deceleration just because it bothered me so much.
i eventually found out that the air screw had been fully screwed in. the bike is running much better now. i turned the air screw out one full turn.
do you know what the correct turns are from full in?

thanks for the help.

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