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Re: wave right or wrong for me

Post by bikerbaker » Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:14 pm

Legshields - Honda originals obviously fit with no problems but come at a price. Pattern ones are much cheaper and, in my experience, can be made to fit easily (have a look on eBay and you will see what I mean about prices). If you are going for originality then the Honda ones are a creamy white, pattern ones tend to be a bit whiter.

Sounds like you need decent tyres, plenty of people on here have enduro type tyres and offroad regularly. Someone will advise I am sure what is best for on/off road.

As to being 20 stone it always amazes me what a standard C90 will cope with. I'm 15 stone (OK, 16 :lol: ) but have done hundreds of miles heavily loaded with camping gear etc. A few years ago my Son (who was also 15 stone at the time) and I would quite often go out on the bike and the only limitation I found was with the brakes. Grooved shoes are a good mod too.

Good luck and hopefully will see you at a future ride in Kent. :D

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