Bike Insurance from Sky Insurance

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Bike Insurance from Sky Insurance

Post by skyinsurance » Wed May 19, 2010 4:31 pm

Hi all,

James has kindly allowed me to post up our details.

Sky Insurance are an insurance broker based in North London, we offer many types of insurance but we are very well known for specialising in Japanese import and modified car insurance. We insure everything from standard cars to very highly modified/customised show and competition cars.
We hold affiliations with 150+ Uk based car clubs and we offer preferential rates to any member of one of our affiliated car clubs.

Why are we on a bike forum I hear you ask?!

We are now rolling out a bike club scheme similar to our car club scheme. Although we have been insuring bikes for some time, we have recently opened up a scheme which enables us to look at all sorts of different bike insurance risks, eg, convicted riders, new riders, custom bikes, modified bikes, performance bikes, trikes, quads, couriers, mopeds, you name it, we'll look at insuring it.

If and when you are looking around for your insurance for your bike, please call the Sky Insurance specialist bike team.

If and when you are looking around for your car insurance, even if it is a standard car please give us a try, we are happy to apply our car club discount (up to -20%) for any who contact us for car insurance.

We do not have a discount to offer for the bike insurance but our rates will be looked at favourably and we are confident that in most cases we will be competitive on price and can offer a good service and level of cover.

Our contact details are:

Tel: 02083645500



Thanks for reading and we look forward to speaking to you at your insurance renewal time!

Ollie Frost
Sky Insurance

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