Model and year in profile!!!

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Model and year in profile!!!

Post by Boo » Mon Oct 22, 2012 2:15 pm

If possible, please can you put the model and year of your bike in the user profile, where it says 'rides'. :D
...or at least do so when asking a question about it...

The more info the better. 'C90' , 'Honda C50' etc isn't too much use when asking tech questions as so much changed over the years and between different models.
Someone even just has "guess" written there! :lol: :roll:
Lots of people seem to list the details all the other bikes they ride - but not their Cub! :?

So... If you know the year, please write it in the description. Also whether 6v or 12v if known (lots of differences between 6v and 12v Cubs), and if you happen to know the exact model, ie: C70z2, C90E, C90MP, etc. please do put that in too.

C90Club's dedicated bunch of technical anoraks will be eternally grateful not having to ask all these things again and again! ;)

Cheers folks. - Carry on! :D