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TV fame

Post by 125erCrazy » Thu Sep 05, 2019 1:15 pm

So today I got a bit if time to myself so decided to take the Suzuiki address henceforth known as 'the not so' Mighty Whitey out for some run in miles.

A quick foray around the remote lanes between North Essex villages nr Aldham as usual I decided the Road Closed signs don't apply to pizza bikes nipping swiftly between the cones.

Admiring the new armco & bridge barriers I rounded the corner to see a set of red traffic lights and a white van blocking the way from the opposite direction. The Range Rover evoque travelling same direction as me is stationary and drivers door open.

There are 2 women on the kerb, one with a push chair and another stood in the road. In the background a bunch of blokes in hi vis vests.

Guessing it's a Road Traffic Accident I felt maybe my rusty first aid skills might be of use so duly ride to the front of the queue.

There I'm quickly approached by the women in the road and asked to turn my engine off as I've just ridden into a staged film set :oops:

Complying with the request and 30 seconds later the lady explains that it's a Road safety commercial/training video for road workers and how by driving through a red light the van driver knocks down and kills the women with the pushchair,& I've just rocked up as he was expressing his anguish putting his face into his hands and screaming.

Pretty apt I thought seeing as I'd ignored the road signs :lol:

Pleasantries exchanged I was allowed on my way to find another road signed NOT SUITABLE FOR MOTORS sadly no tale to recount from that encounter ;)

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Re: TV fame

Post by Capitano » Thu Sep 05, 2019 3:18 pm

Shades of Lethal Weapon 2 where Riggs starts to kick 7 shades out of an abusive guy, only to be told he's just run onto a film set. 8-)

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Re: TV fame

Post by Bogger » Thu Sep 05, 2019 3:40 pm

Another public information film ruined and now way over budget. Which I'm helping to fund via taxation :evil: .

Bloody fridge riding nosey parker, do gooding messer :evil: :evil:


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