Dusseldorf - Innsbruck Motorrail

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Dusseldorf - Innsbruck Motorrail

Post by BenB » Wed Jun 20, 2018 5:25 pm

Overnight from Dusseldorf to Innsbruck (or visa versa), with your bike, from 58 Euros. Including a bed!

Innsbruck is 660 miles from Calais and 610 from the Hook of Holland. That's a big day even on a big bike. Using the train means 250 miles from Calais or just 160 miles from the Hook. You just need to leave enough time.

Leaving home on Friday after work, or early Saturday morning, you could be in Austria by Sunday morning and Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, or Switzerland by the end of Sunday.

Book here: https://tickets.oebb.at/en/shop The price goes up as travel dates get closer. Make sure you don't put your VanVan down as a Yamaha.

Both Innsbruck station and Dusseldorf station are (as you'd expect) right in the middle of the town. Loading bays are at the back of each, so make sure you know where you are headed. That said, you won't be far away if you arrive at the main passenger entrance.

Loading is at 19:45 officially, though we were loading bikes before that. Best turn up at about 18:30, hang around, and talk to other bikers. You have to check in when you arrive - a little white cabin in Innsbruck and a (more obvious) booth at Dusseldorf.

You put four strops on your bike. These are just a loop of fabric. The ratchet straps are then hooked to these by train staff during loading. This means it's your responsibility to provide sensible points which will not damage your bike. Seems sensible.

After riding onto the train, you leave your bike and head for the platform. The train leaves at 20:44.

We spent an hour or two, eating, drinking and chatting, before getting a pretty good night's sleep. Each carriage has an attendant who checks tickets etc. They also sell some drinks - teas, coffees, beers, etc. There are sheet sleeping bags, blankets and pillows provided.

In the morning each passenger is given a basic breakfast. A tea or coffee, two rolls, some butter and jam. The train arrives at about 8:30 though we were a little late. It then takes about an hour to sort things and get vehicles off.

Dusseldorf has a vehicle permit scheme, but your ticket gives you the right to transit in or out (dependent on direction).

I found the whole thing very civilised. Certainly better than riding little bikes for a very long day along the autobahn. Also a great time saving.

Arrive at the loading bay. Check in. Hang about and talk to other bikers.

Put on your manufacturer stickers.

Straps attached (see them here on the luggage rack) and ride on to the train. Keep your head down.

Wait for the nice man to put a wheel chock in for you.

Leave your bikes and head for the platform.

Eat, drink, and be merry.

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Re: Dusseldorf - Innsbruck Motorrail

Post by culfy » Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:16 pm

That looks fantastic , also I can vouch fo Dusseldorf as I went there a couple of years ago on a stag weekend and found it a fantastic city , well done .

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